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A 345,000 volt, "bulk transfer" high voltage transmission line, 250 miles long and in places 13 to 18 stories tall, is proposed to carve a permanent scar 150 feet wide across the beautiful face of northern Wisconsin and part of Duluth, Minnesota.

The line would transfer electricity across the line in either direction, from Wausau, in central Wisconsin, to Duluth, Minnesota...or the other way.

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Thousands of land owners, regular people, have been affected by this line, even though it is months away from being permitted. Already people have passed away from fighting the private electric utility that will TRY to use eminent domain to take the land away from farmers and retired persons along the proposed route.

Nearly five years ago people began to organize to stop the line.

In one of the most heroic "David and Goliath" stories of our time, these people are succeeding.

One such "hero" is Mark Liebaert. He's a farmer and a grandfather. The farm has been in the family for three generations back. Mark will not let the line pass through and ruin his grandchildren's lives.

Under "yucky" yellow lighting in a gym at a hearings with PSC staffers, Mark held his twin grandchildren and looked a Public Service Commission staffer in the eye and asked him to guarantee that the line, which would pass nearly overhead of the twins home, would not hurt them.

The engineer would not.

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Mark's story is only one of some 11,000 stories.

Stopping this transmission line, which was proposed to cross the Lac courte Oreilles Ojibwa Reservation (and is strongly opposed by the tribe) has been, and remains to be a struggle.

If you would like much more information on helping stop the "powers that be" from being "the powers that be" there are three things you can do.

1. Use Less. Wherever you are.

2. Do not refer to electric companies as "power" companies.

Give the power back to the people by that small action.

Share information will your friends and family.

3. Contribute to SOUL, P.O. Box 175 Glen Flora, WI 54526

To understand why we need to use less, you can click here to view a picture of the world at night.

(this photo takes a few minutes to load, but, is WELL worth it)

After you have viewed that picture, send it to others. It will help to understand that electricity is in fact the largest machine on the face of the earth. Look what we have done to ourselves.

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Thanks to everyone! We can win the fight!



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