Please share information with everyone interested in energy issues and human rights and environmental justice.

This is an action alert about the first "private-for-profit" high voltage bulk transfer electric line in the US. This type of line can and will be built in anyone's "backyard" if this line is allowed to be built right now.

SOUL, the grassroots resistance along the 250 mile long route in NW Wisconsin's forests and farmlands, just received the information on the TRUE SIZE of the line. It's unbelievable! They NEVER told anyone this information before.
Please, please do whatever you can to get this information around to people (whether they are on the line route or not). This line is the first "private -for-profit" line to be built in the country.

Please understand that the blackout on August 14th was NOT due to not having enough transmission lines. The blackout had everything to do with deregulation and the energy plan Bush/Cheney are pushing right now.

And BushCheney is right now stumping for removal of PUHCA the Public Utilities Holding Companies Act, the last protection of landowners and rate payers. If you need detail go to and read the information. For further detail and scary stuff read up on energy deregulation in Greg Palast's "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Now for the horror story:
 The real size and scope of the 220 mile Wisconsin part of the Arrowhead-Weston transmission line will mean for beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin, here are the actual specifications of the line from the testimony by ATC just released!!

1,501 total self-supporting steel poles
822 would be up to 145 feet high (15-stories tall)
679 would be up to 170 feet high (17 stories tall)
Cement foundations would be up to 14 feet wide and up to 50 feet deep 224 poles would be planted in wetlands 36 miles of new off right-of-way temporary access roads would be built to reach inaccessible wetlands The poles will cross 12 airports, 176 streams and 7 rivers The poles would require 1400 ball markers and 7,320 bird flight diverters While the line is estimated at $500 million, landowners are budgeted at only $2,500/acre compensation (average). *not for "the whole farm", just the strip of land for the towers.

Please get this information around to everyone you can.
 The cost of this line will actually be increased beyond $500million .

Write letters to Superior Evening Telegram, Spooner Advocate, Sawyer County Record, Waussau Daily Herald: tell them that you will not sell your land for that price, but, you will resist selling and will force the company to condemn your land (thus, an additional expense). Tell them our wetlands are huge and that they will have more expense building their line. Tell them a $500 million investment in fuel cells and solar and wind will carry our state and country farther than an extension cord from Manitoba Hydro's flooded Cree lands.

Tell them you are very aware that the North King route north of Eau Claire is a cheaper line (that already runs on 100% existing right of way) and that your neighbors and yourself will resist the Arrowhead. Tell them you are aware of SOUL's expert witness testimony that shows that for only one or two million dollars a "low voltage upgrade" of the existing system will meet any needs Wisconsin has. Tell them you do not support a private-for-profit utility having the power to condemn land (this proposed ATC line is the first "private-for-profit" extremely high voltage line in the country to be built by a private for profit "transmission line only" utility) and rate payers should not have to pay for "bulk transfer lines" used to wheel electricity, for profit making by a private company!

In otherwords, they decide they need (want) lines, they decide where they go, they pressure the public with a $3,000,000 ad campaign and then they try to use the power they think they have to condemn your land along whatever route they choose. Is this still the United States of America?

And then tell the governor he's crazy ....

if he allows this line to go through.
Gov. Jim Doyle
State Capitol Building
Madison, WI 53701

Finally, support a movement to remove the power of eminent domain by these "private-for-profit" transmission line utilities.

Remember, if these companies get their way, not only will we have more blackouts and the federal government seizing our lands, but, we will also be at high risk for a more economic depression. (remember the movie "Seabisquit") . In 1929 the Stock Market Crash caused 53 utilities to fold, because they were overextended, Enron-style, the way they are now. When they too crashed, it caused the Great Depression to last 5 years longer. The Public Utilities Holding Company Act is what helped pull back the crash.
Read it and then contact your Congressman and Senator immediately.

Want to help us to continue to alert others to this debacle:
1) pass this message on to others
2) send a tax deductible donation of support to SOUL, Save Our Unique Lands, Box 175  Glen Flora, WI 54526
3) Learn more about energy issues and how they affect each and every one of us, regardless of location. This is a time of the earth in crisis. At this rate we will not make it through this generation, much less seven generations from now.

4) share this web site, page, with everyone who can make a difference.

5) replace the dim bulb in the White House